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Knowledge, Skills, Action

Critical Design Thinking Guidance & Facilitation

We’ll guide and facilitate each of the design thinking phases for your team and/or organization. From inspiration to ideation, to implementation, we’ll help you gain a deeper understanding of your clients' and colleagues' dissatisfactions and uncover new opportunities to implement effective solutions.

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Design of an Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan

Would you like to have an EDI strategic plan in place and don’t know where to start? Not sure how EDI is relevant for your team, your business, or your community?
Through a series of consultations, we can help you identify critical issues, set goals and outcomes, implement and develop evaluation tools to monitor your strategy performance.

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Training & Coaching

If the world is changing too rapidly for you and/or your team and you are not sure how to catch up, Collectively Consulting can help by designing and delivering executive coaching and group training specifically tailored to meet your needs. We offer coaching and training on equity, diversity, inclusion, anti-racism, allyship, intercultural competence and empathy building.

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Dialogue Facilitation

Are there any difficult and uncomfortable conversations that need to happen with your team or your community? Through expert dialogue facilitation, we can help you change the culture of engagement around divisive issues, promote introspection, develop empathy and critical thinking, understand multiple perspectives, and find common ground.

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Diagnostics & Peer Review

You have an EDI strategy and are fostering a culture of inclusion. Collectively Consulting can conduct an independent assessment of how these efforts are perceived and lived by your teams.  
If you are planning to roll out a new or revised EDI strategy, we can also conduct a peer review of the plan, to ensure it follows current best practices.

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Research & Evaluation

Collectively Consulting offers qualitative research expertise to uncover critical issues getting in the way of your business. We also offer evaluation services to continuously monitor the performance of your strategy and find opportunities for improvement.

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Intercultural Competence & 
Psychological Safety Assessments

We  are qualified administrators of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and certified trainers and coaches of The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety.
Get in touch to learn more about how these services can help you and your teams.

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