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The world is moving too rapidly, and not everyone is moving at the same pace. Full and unconditional inclusion continues to be an elusive goal for many businesses and organizations. Without fostering authentic inclusion, the power of the collective is seriously compromised. If our teams, organizations, and communities are not giving their all, how will we envision innovative solutions and effect meaningful change?

We believe things ought to be different. We believe Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion should stop being a wicked problem. We believe there is too much at stake if we fail to get it right. Armed with a curious mind and keen eyes and ears, we have the knowledge and skills to help you (re) design inclusion for your clients, colleagues, and community.

Our story is not complete yet. We enrich it and rewrite it with each and every single one of our clients.

That's the power of the collective!

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Diana Palmerín Velasco, BSc, MSc, PhD, CCIP (she/her)

Principal Consultant

Diana is a Canadian Certified Inclusion Professional (CCIP), a skilled dialogue facilitator, and a curious and critical thinking designer. She believes in full and unconditional inclusion, radical collaboration, and designing powerful and unstoppable collectives.

Diana brings 20 years of experience working in government, the non-profit sector, and academia in the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Canada. Solidly grounded in the social sciences, Diana holds a BSc in Political Science and Public Administration, MSc in Social Psychology, and a PhD in Sociology.

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Diana is a collaborative leader in the field of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. A tireless community partner. Diana advocates for tangible movement forward and big picture initiatives that create a more kind and empathetic society. Diana has a clear mastery of community building, along with an uncanny ability to bring together different people and community organizations to forge vital partnerships. Through services such as Narrative 4 story exchanges, an afternoon with Diana shifts points of view and open pathways to understanding, always with a boundless energy and laser focus on the actions that matter. It has been my pleasure to learn from and work with Diana in the Region of Waterloo. Never have I left a meeting or interaction with Diana feeling less than inspired, clear-minded and more prepared to advocate for a more equitable community.

Shannon Markle

Coordinator of Volunteer & Newcomer Services, Idea Exchange

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